Augment Collective didn’t simply set out to build and restore motorcycles, but to showcase the history and culture of motorcycles, and all the artists and enthusiasts involved through our blog posts, portraits, and interviews.

All of our builds and products involve multiple craftspeople, each helping create unique and high quality goods. Nothing is created by one person, but a collective of individuals.

We strive not only to produce high quality machines, but also premium art and apparel all designed in house.

Every Creation is a Collaboration


For all inquiries please visit our contact page to send a message. 

Full custom projects or vintage restorations can take anywhere from 2-6 months depending on the complexity of the project. If you do not have a existing ride for customization, we can help you source a motorcycle for your project through personal industry connections. For further information and detailed estimations simply email nick@augmentcollective.com

If you are looking to book a motorcycle for a commercial shoot we can provide multiple vintage, custom, and modern motorcycles. Models and pricing vary based on project length and location. For further details go to our contact page and send your request with detailed dates and requirements.